It looks like Snow Piercer just arrived in the Philippines 😯

If you look closely at the window, you can see the Rizal Monument 🧐

Netflix just launched the series adaption of Snowpiercer and we here at Banner Media are very excited to watch it.

First Impressions:

It’s another poor versus the rich themed show that’s been riding on the anti-capitalist trend of the film industry. The show shifted its gears from the original stroyline to a whodunit murder mystery that totally takes away from its originality.

The show is violent and it doesn’t hold back from showing you frozen limbs being hammered away or chopped off hands being used as keys.

Jennifer Connelly is a clear standout in the series and I’d like to see more of Daveed Diggs’ performance.

Currently, it has two episodes on air and we’d have to wait for next week to see more of it.

This is our first impressions of the series and we prefer to give it a rating once all episodes are available.

Did you like Snowpiercer? Want us to review the original?

Comment down below and let us know ❤

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